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3 Tips for Lymphoedema Treatment in Summer

Lymphedema treatment in Summer

We all love the summer, but sometimes it can be so difficult having Lymphoedema or Oedema when you're booking your holiday. Sometimes it can feel as if you can't do what everyone else can. Well, follow these 3 tips and you'll be able to enjoy your holiday. A bit of hard work in the evening and morning means you can enjoy the rest of your day without stressing.


1. Always use a high factor suncream!

We cannot stress the importance of using a high-factor suncream which is waterproof because it is imperative to keep skin in tip top shape otherwise you can get burnt which can lead to the condition worsening. No one likes getting burnt, it becomes red and raw and ruins anyone's holiday.


2. Keep a water spray bottle with you

People often don't realise how useful it is (and relieving!) to keep the affected limb cool. A water spray bottle can be a useful way to do this. Simply get an empty spray bottle and you can even put ice in as well to make it extra cool. It will keep you cool all day long and means you don't necessarily have to miss out on the fun.

3. Don't give up your daily routine

This one cannot be stressed enough. It is imperative that you keep up your daily massage regimen. If you don't do this, then the heat can have a negative effect on the condition. Massage early in the morning and in the evening if you can and wear your compression garments whenever possible. This means that you can come back after your holiday and realise you can go on holiday and manage your condition at the same time. This is a big win for you over your condition. There's no reason you can't enjoy a good holiday, just don't let yourself go too much otherwise you'll regret it on your return.

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